White Ridge Farm

Hands on Farm Experience

Experience the ultimate animal lover’s paradise at White Ridge Farm!  Get ready to feed, pat, and connect with our furry and feathered friends in an unforgettable farm adventure.


White Ridge Farm offers people of all ages the opportunity to visit and interact with friendly and sweet-natured animals.

We have all the usual farm animals, as well as llamas, alpacas, a donkey, and even a camel!

Wander around and hand feed the animals, sit in the fully interactive baby animal area, cuddle a goat, stroke the beautiful soft rabbits or have a round of putt-putt golf and don’t forget to jump aboard the bumpy, bouncy tractor ride,

No matter your child’s predisposition, the sweet-natured woolly, furry, feathered and hoofed residents of White Ridge Farm will put kids at ease and win over children of all temperaments.

White Ridge Farm has bitumen pathways all around the farm and disabled toilets. Easy to get around for wheelchairs, wheelie walkers and prams.

So pack a picnic, grab the family and head on out for a taste of farm life.

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Questions, or need some help?

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday
9-3pm (7 days a week for school holidays)

Closed: ALL Qld public holidays

Limitations: Nil

Gift Vouchers: Yes