Platypus Whispers Guided Tours

Educational walking tours

Let me educate you on the history of the Platypus, starting some 100 million years ago.

Ending with their current world status and our need to ensure their survival. Not just for today’s generations but for those that will follow us.


Enjoy the family-friendly rides that will get you soaked and make you dizzy,
plus simulators and slides, bumps and coasters! 

The famous Ballroom Blitz has made its grand return and a makeover to the
Retro Rocket is providing even more new experiences.
After a fun-filled day cruise into the Fun Café for snacks, lunch, ice cream or
drinks and don’t forget to grab an awesome souvenir showbag from the Fun

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Questions, or need some help? 

Thursday to Tuesday – Wednesdays available on request

Hour’s dependent on season

Closed: 7:00PM – 7:00AM

Limitations: The walk is classed as a ½ grade walk, and as such is suitable for most abilities.

Max 6 Adults per tour, number of accompanying children must be notified prior to tour date.

Gift certificates available on request.