Aussie World

Aussie World

Sunshine Coast’s only theme park

There are endless experiences for the whole family at one of Australia’s
favourite theme parks, where their kind of fun, is for everyone.
Aussie World on the Sunshine Coast is home to rides and attractions that
include family-favourites, adrenalin-pumping fun, and all new experiences.
If you’re looking for action-packed thrills, you won’t want to miss Dingo Racer,
the second new major attraction to open at Aussie World in within a year,
following on from the SX360. It has further expanded the park’s experiences
to cater to all types of theme park enthusiasts, from toddlers to families and
crazy thrill-seekers. So now, there is no excuse not to visit!


Enjoy the family-friendly rides that will get you soaked and make you dizzy,
plus simulators and slides, bumps and coasters! 

The famous Ballroom Blitz has made its grand return and a makeover to the
Retro Rocket is providing even more new experiences.
After a fun-filled day cruise into the Fun Café for snacks, lunch, ice cream or
drinks and don’t forget to grab an awesome souvenir showbag from the Fun

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Hours: Weekdays 10am – 3pm
Weekends 10am – 4pm

Limitations: Age, height and other restrictions may apply.
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